Weekly Photo Challenge-Admiration



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



In February

The Spirit of ANZAC

exhibition was in Melbourne.

As I have regularly mentioned my Grandfather was

a Gunner on The Western Front after being deployed to Europe.

Was this the type of gun he was using?


Whichever side of the ‘fence’ soldiers were on…


they are people I admire.


For their courage….


in such appalling conditions.


For their ability to help a mate…


and for their ability to continue marching on.


However, these statistics we must never forget…

because these number only represent

about half the casualties of World War 1.


I was granted permission to photograph the exhibition

by a representative of the organiser.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Admiration

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  2. I really appreciate this post, it speaks volumes. I also admire these men. How brave, I have the utmost respect for the vets. Thanks for taking a look at my piece, I saw that you linked it, I’m new to wordpress, how do you do that and what is the purpose? I’m trying hard to get my feet wet an see build my blog, if you have the time let me know 🙂


    • Hi Chelsea, thank for you kind words. Regarding the link…it’s just a matter of highlighting and then pasting into your own post. Some bloggers inert oodles. Of links…others, none. You will need to format the links to your taste. Having links on your blog does give others the opportunity to visit your blog, the way I found your blog on the DailyPost WPC Challenge page. Hope that helps. 😊


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