11 thoughts on “Floral Friday-16-2304

  1. so spring like – and when I get a mixed bouquet – I think the canna lily they include adds a nice touch. Can you believe we have a mixed bouquet of fresh flowers at a store near us for only 3.99??? that is so cheap –


      • Ahh! Aldi’s does have a reputation for being rather inexpensive. Have even heard people say the have bought electrical goods from Aldis and the items have lasted…for the price paid. Our closest supermarket is Safeway/Woolworths and therefore convenient.

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      • well I did not like Aldis at first and refused to go. But once in a while we go there on the way home – no lines and such an open feel at the store. And those flowers are nice –
        but funny you should ask about the electrical goods – no – I have not heard anything – but I do laugh when i walk down the home goods aisle. Like they have the funniest items for a grocery store.
        and we used to go to safeway in Northern Cal – but they do not have one here. Also, I think the Woolworths are not in business here in states, but could be wrong. hm


      • Agee with regarding some Aldi products for sale…we used to shop Aldis when kids were still at school…finances tighter and two ever hungry boys to feed. As for Woollies/Safeway…I think Woolworths own Safeway. At least they do down under. Very few if any Woolworth, named, stores around…all have been changed to Safeway Supermarekts. Just mentioned Woolworths/Safeway because I was not sure which trading named was used in the States.

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      • oh – I see – and we did not really like Safeway when we went to them in CA.
        and I am starting to like Aldi – especially for a quick stop – like they have really good green tea – each bag is individually wrapped so it is fresher or easier to add to a treat for someone.

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