Weekly Photo Challenge-Abstract



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



One not so abstract and three

letting my “creative” side loose.


I included this shot as it has been described as

abstract, even though you know what it is 

and a similar shot of mine is hanging on

that person living room wall.


Now for a few of the what is it type of photos.


 I tried various colour schemes and this was the one

which appealed to me most.

Yes.  I did put the ‘creative’ in italics.

This shot was taken Friday morning.


 And Friday afternoon produced this shot.

Almost looks like a water-colour to me.


In case you are wondering:

  1. Zebra
  2. Stubble burn paddock
  3. Moon setting
  4. Corio Bay


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Abstract

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  3. oh the bay one does feel like a water color – very nice selection for this wpc – and so quick too – and my fav is the rich velvet feel of the Z stripes.


    • Thank you. I was pleased with both of those. The red dots on the Bay is light reflecting off the water…wasn’t expecting that to happen, but was trying to capture the sparkles. As for the zebra…I confess to a bit of editing to get that look.

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      • Oh thanks for sharing – and after seeing your post – you inspired me to have some editing fun too -= so I will be back to let you know when I get it up – I was just messing around with a few recent photos – so thanks for the inspiration – ttys


      • actually – it might be helpful to not look at other’s first – well could keep it more original and raw, ya know? Like when I did dinner time last week I only saw one post! and mine was nothing like it. But then other times I look and peek around. H’m….

        hope you are having a nice month of April

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      • I like to keep mine original if I can…often find a photo posted ‘yesterday’ fits in with ‘tomorrow’ challenge…which is equally frustrating. April would be ideal if only it would rain. 194 points until the end of March and very little since. Supposed to be soaked last Thursday, Friday…not enough to shower under!!!!!! Driest start to a year since we moved here, in the wet mind you, in September 2005.

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      • Oh so sorry to hear you need rain! We had some today actually – and nice, but kinda lackluster too. and wow – driest in ten years??? hope you get some rain soon.


      • Thank you…but on a positive side…the lawn/grass hasn’t need to be cut this year…and not much in November and December last year. It is rather desperate for the garden the ground and so on.

        Liked by 1 person

      • well that is a good point about the positive – and one more to maybe add – I heard that sometimes a good dough can get rid of some bad fungal loads – things we might see – but slime, molds, etc. can sometimes be brought back into balance – hmmmm who knows –


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