Black and White Tuesday16-1804


Black and White Tuesday

 April 18, 2016


A few days ago, on Facebook, I saw some…stones_9650

 photos of rock stacks, lots of them.

Not far from Geelong.

So, this morning I set off to visit these

natural rock formations.


After an hour an a half drive this was I came upon.

 Not many stacks, but heaps of stones and a family,

who had negotiated the slippery 10-15 foot descent,

and had just finished making these few

rock stacks.

A rather disappointing end to my journey.


However, along the way I managed a few shots

of the foggy morning.


A when I reached The Great Ocean Road

this was what Bass Strait was like.

Not as rough as I have seen it,

but better than millpond.



Hope you enjoyed.



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