Weekly Photo Challenge-Dinnertime



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A while back we celbrate Father’s Day with

a special dinner outing at

the Titanic Restaurant

in Williamstown, a suburb of Melbourne.


Some of the passengers were seated at their tables in the

First Class Dining Room before we arrived.

We were assured by the Captain that our night

would end in disaster!

TItanic_IMG_0560Passengers were encouraged to dress in period costume,

however only a few made the effort.


Our table was ready for us when we arrived.



Between main course and desert we began to think

something was astray when smoke began to rise up

from below decks.

TItanic_IMG_0571We were all instructed in the use if life jackets,

which made us feel more secure in our life boats.

TItanic_IMG_0557After being picked up by the Carpathia our night ended

as we sailed into New York.



28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Dinnertime

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  2. What an amazing place, and what a Night To Remember! My family loves to costume parties and historical drama, and you have it all rolled into one. I wish they were a chain restaurant with an outlet in Seattle! (am forwarding this on to my kids).


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