Black and White Challenge:



Beginning with fences from Sydney Harbour Bridge.


There is a pedestrian bridge which is, or has,

had the locks removed.

I wonder if there are anymore, now?

This was the only one in December.


 The pedestrian walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge.


 Authorities have definitely made it difficult to go over, either way.


Another view from the Bridge.

fence_0069Pedestrians this side, motorists the other side of this fence.


Dry stone wall fences are common throughout Western Victoria.

dry-stone-wall_0007aAlthough in most instances they are in a state of disrepair…

unlike this one.

fence_0021Although this fence may have been erected

thirty or forty years ago, it is the type of fence

with which I am most acquainted.


Tying knots in wire can be painful.

It is easy for the wire end to become loose

and flick back on cold finger tips.

 fence_0039-001This post is definitely in the age range mentioned previously.

Barbed wire is rusting along with the tie wire

holding the barb to the post.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Fences






18 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Fences

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  3. Woolly- I call this post “layers” – and wonderful art feel – the three people entering the fenced bridge is a top photo – but enjoyed the variety! And I bet that wire is hard to bend and knot – we used to do thin wires and copper (soft) in art classes and the fingers took a beating – so this fence wire seems even way tougher


    • Thank you Yvette. Although the powers that be made a more flexible high tensile wire by the mid 80s it could still hurt. The original high tensile wire was dynamite and would snap unexpectedly…ouch! At the risk of sounding arrogant, or something, I can only liken thin and copper wire to Plasticine regarding pliability.


      • Yes – I would say plasticine! Ha! But I have worked with some tough wire when I redid this small picket fence around part of my garden! I inserted the wood plank and twisted the wire – gloves helps – but quite a workout!
        Oh and the wooden fence here really was cool too


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