Weekly Photo Challenge-Landscape



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



This week some local landscape to begin with.blue-gum_0509Tasmanian Blue Gums at harvest time.

The foreground, while still containing a lot of off-cuts from harvest,

has coppiced and the trees are nearly twenty feet high again.

The trees in the back ground should be harvested by now.

And so this little slice of landscape is constantly changing.

landscape_0004A part of the Moorabool Valley are near Geelong.

landscape_0020AAASouth Africa.


Botswana village


Okavango Delta.

landscape_0292-001 Last, but not least, one of our favourite African scenes.

We felt we really had been to Africa after

a brief stop here between

Lekhubu Island and The Okavango Delta

in Botswana.




21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Landscape

  1. Wow! Very cool. Guess what! I am learning about not only many parts of America but also many many parts of the world through this particular Landscape Challenge! I just just love what it offers! South Africa is one of them! Through different bloggers’ eyes, everything comes in different perspectives and colors and compositions, which all are part of South Africa! Thank you for sharing!


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