Travel Theme-Sensory




Travel Theme.


All re-posts I’m afraid but something to tempt the senses.

My first photograph of one of Melbourne’s human statues.


Playing with Photoshop


A typical sight on ANZAC Day.

statue_199Melbourne Zoo.


It is three years since we saw this and yet

it seems like only yesterday.

Elephant Whispers, Hazyview, South Africa.


How to cross the Chobe River without a boat

and avoid Botswana-Namibia customs.


Part of the 1,000 elephant sighting in Botswana.

A day to remember.

Even our guides, who estimated this number,

were fascinated with this sighting.



A cool drink, on an island, in the middle of the Chobe River.


Bracelets were being made of this.


 Tembo, weighed in at six tons, had killed six rhinos

during a time of grief after his mother died, or was killed.


Just before dusk on day three of our 2013 African Safari

we discovered this leopard.

Kruger National Park.

I would have happily gone home very happy.


However, on our last night, Day 15,

we spent twenty minutes with these cubs.

A magical experience at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

Hope I have hit the mark with these and not raved too much.

Happy Easter.


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