Black and White Tuesday16-2203


Black and White Tuesday

 March  22, 2016


Two random photos this week.

I came upon a Flora and Fauna reserve on Monday

and decided to have a look.


A Flora and Fauna reserve????

After a hot dry summer it looks more like a fire hazard to me.

And the sad part is that people who require firewood

are no longer able to pick all these fallen branches.

We have to wait for a bush fire to clean these reserves now.


On a lighter note  did find this lovely spot in a small town.

This week’s Odd Ball photo was also taken at this park.



Hope you enjoyed.


4 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday16-2203

    • I know the feeling. We have had some horrific fires in Victoria in the last few years…nearly two hundred people killed in one fire alone…and much of the problem due to local government bowing to the vocal minority. And the thing which annoys me most is the controlled burns are frowned upon because they might harm a rare species of plant, which has survived since Australia was first populated some 40,000, or more, years ago, in a country in which native plants thrive on the heat of a fire. I could go on….but will desist. 😊

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      • Know that feeling well. It is when I hear the Green movement telling the world what to do, and virtually controlling the senate in Australia…that annoys me. Depending on what literature one reads and believes, all the costly pollution reduction measures in the world will not counteract nature. By this I am referring to volcanoes which are spewing out a year’s worth of man-made pollution in hours/days. Australians are constantly being taken on a guilt trip that we are the world’s worst polluters per head of population…and we are according to Wikipedia However, when compared on a country basis we are way down the list (18th) with another twenty countries behind us. Fixing one or two percent here is a bit like saving 0.1% of one cent. Enough from me. You are quite welcome to hit me out of the ballpark if you wish. 🙂

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