Travel Theme-Creative




Travel Theme.



I have never considered myself as creative.

Perhaps the only creativity I have in me stems

from camera use and editing.
desert-copy_1452I am not certain if this is actually the original photo.

It is saved as an original copy.

It is a shot taken into fairly shallow water

along the Geelong foreshore.

Week 1

A challenge required an album cover to be created.

Picasa help to change the image to this, and…

Desert-Dreaming_1452aMGW come to my assistance with the title

for the album cover.

river-Barwon_0023Similarly this shot of Geelong’s Barwon River…

river_0023bwas changed to make a… river_0023evariety abstract images…

to suit various desired colour schemes.

I these are a touch vivid for our walls.

sunset_0826Or is taking a sunset shot in a paddock of hay rolls…

and selecting that part of the image

with rim lighting being creative?


Where’s My Backpack: Creative




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