Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Knobs-Locks-and-Handles


My contribution for this week’s

Knobs, Locks and Handles



Some fresh knobs, locks and handles for this week.

Many household fences in Geelong have these knobs

either at corner posts or on every post.


Not sure if these old wrought iron fences qualify as

having knobs on top, however, this week they do.


A handle on a corrugated iron gate.


Now this is the knob, lock, handle combination

with which I am familiar with.

Keeps out everyone except those lovely people

who stole, among other things, a 3,000 gallon tank

from me over the past few months.


I don’t think that this number of locks

would have kept them at bay.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:

Knobs, Locks & Handles






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