Travel Theme-Square




Travel Theme.


My first thought was of Melbourne’s Federation Square.federation-square_0181

This is the National Art Gallery…a building you love or hate.

However, a builders square applied to the edges

of this building would find many ninety degree angles…

not so many along the walls though,

  There is a conventional type square of concrete for

other types of gatherings to the right of this shot.



During the first week or so of January I spent

sometime building Taji her new home.

She will have to grow into it.

I had to make sure that edges, corners and so on

were square so they would fit together.kennel_8202

When our house was being built and builders were

throwing  away lengths of 4  x 2 and other dimensions.

I quickly salvaged them and stored them in our shed,

telling MGW that ‘…they will come in handy one day…

A decade later I proudly announced to MGW that

the frame was made entirely of that material,

even the ridging on the roof was throw away

material which did come in handy.

I really don’t understand why she was not as excited

as I was about these fun facts. 😦


Post Script


For those who live to my north my first photo depicts the

National Gallery of Victoria.

The NGV is 100 years older than the National Gallery of Australia.  More information and link in comments



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8 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Square

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  2. I always think it is a bit cheeky of the Vics to call their gallery NGV, when the true National Gallery is the NGA in Canberra. (but my birthplace is Melbourne, so I know all about cheek!)


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