Black and White Tuesday16-0103


Black and White Tuesday

 March  01, 2016


Some shots from the Werribee area.melbourne_1042

Melbourne skyline on a hazy day.


Next week’s vegetables.


Probably my favourite small animal…

just because they pose so well.



Hope you enjoyed.



9 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday16-0103

    • The skyline has been enhanced slightly…darkened so that the skyline is visible…and cropped to make appear closer than it was. My lens was set at 460mm to give best result.


    • I don’t think I knew that…although very similar to dwarf mongoose we sighted in South Africa. We first saw them on Meerkat Manor television show. I love they way they find a vantage point and keep look out…

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      • Yes it is a meerkat but photo at Werribee Open Range Zoo, Just out of Melbourne. Melbourne Zoo also has meerkats. We wanted to see the meerkats in Botswana but only saw the sign leading into the resort. I think other said no which meant we out-voted. Also, $AUD500-600 for overnight vist may have also had something to do with not undertaking that visit. We have only sighted Dwarf Mongoose and a glimpse, in the dark (hardly a sighting) of a mongoose in SA.

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