Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 15



The New Holland Honey Eater was photographed with my

Nikon D90 and Nikkor 55-300mm zoom lens

set at 300 mm.NH-honey-eater_0025-1

This is the original, out of the camera,

New Holland Honey Eater photo.


Cropping to keep the whole bird in shot is

not my favourite shape of photo.


This is my favourite version of this image, although,

I have sharpened, or cropped it, too much.

The beak is soft and I am not sure if this is a depth of field issue

or because the beak was constantly moving.

Someone in the family was getting

a right royal telling off that day.

Dad would have said that this photo was okay

as when placed behind a piece of glass

any imperfections would be covered by the glass.

Another friend of the family would have exclaimed:

‘A blind man would be glad to see it and

a galloping horse wouldn’t stop’  

Many times I have recalled that saying…and it is so true.

wyndham_1089I was trying to capture the hand rails in this shot.

However, knees and back were not assisting me at all,

so I placed my camera on the concrete.

Camera: Nikon D90,

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm,

Focal length: 50mm,


ISO: 200,

Shutter: 1/400

wyndham_1089aBy cropping out the first bar I achieved my goal.

 I can see this fitting into a challenge of some

description down the track.


Many will guess this what this is, however,

I think it is a more interesting shot

than the original…


which leaves nothing to the imagination, except…

how did the photographer get so close.

Camera: Nikon D90,

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm,

Focal length: 116mm,


ISO: 200,

Shutter: 1/200


CCYC: Wk-15-Cropping



19 thoughts on “CCYC-Wk-15-Cropping

  1. You have some great photos. I think the resolution of your close crop of the bird’s head is to blame. I have lots of photos like that too. Which is why I rarely crop and edit to enhance my images. But that is me.


    • It’s an interesting one this shot. Not the way I took it, but because I have seen a book of bird photos where nearly all forward facing beaks were way of focus. As that photographer did, I tried to get eyes focussed but did not quite manage….or my Nikon lens is not quite up to scratch.


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