Travel Theme-Abstract




Travel Theme.


Some random Abstracts.


Week 1


I once heard it said that while this is

fairly obviously a zebra…it is kinda of abstract.

Not my words.
terrapin_0307The same could be said of this, I guess.


Where’s My Backpack?: Abstract




19 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Abstract

    • Thank you…glad you enjoyed them. I would not have sonsidered the last two abstract 12 months ago. About then A Facebook friend asked to purchase a zebra photo (you could see half its head) and she described it as ‘…kind of abstract, even though you know what it is..’

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    • I suppose it is the only way to gather a ‘library’ of shots for the challenges. My tagging methods leave a bit to be desired and while I know I have a shot, finding it is not always easy. For example my Horizontal Icicle in Cee’s BW WEather challenge. Taken many years before blogging…only found in the past 6 months or so. Frogs …just forgot about them. 🙂

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      • So nice to know someone else is like me 😀 AND, I believe it is worse, being disorganised, since I began taking digital photos. At least with prints they went directly to an album and not a folder in the computer.

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      • I totally agree. Going from folder to folder looking for a certain shot is tedious and pain-staking. That’s one of the reasons that I haven’t entered some of Cee’s challenges like I use to. I’m waiting to take some fresh photos when the weather becomes more conducive.


      • I agree with your comments about searching for photos. However, shortly after I began blogging I was introduced to tagging in LightRoom. I did/do not use LR but did begin to tag photos in folders as I came across un-tagged (if that’s a word) photos. Without too much pain I can now find photos to suit challenges. As for fresh photos…I agree…I have been having a bit of photographers block lately. Not to mention baby sitting a pup for the past few weeks.

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