Wordless Wednesday16_02-17

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Recently, Raewyn, at Decocraftsdigicrafts blog,

created a post about acorns.

This reminded me of two acorn (Oak) trees in

my home town when I was very young. oak-tree_8776  They were big trees then.

Yesterday while passing through I stopped…


long enough to photograph the acorn trees of my youth.

Although I cannot remember climbing these trees,

probably because there were no low branches,

and me being a bit low to the ground at the time,

they were big enough to climb in the mid-fifties.  oak-tree_8777

I believe this is the English Oak, therefore not native to Australia.

My guess is that they are near enough to 100 years old

and were probably brought to Australia by

a returning World War 1 Veteran.


Wordless Wednesday

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