Weekly Photo Challenge-Life-Imitates-Art



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Life Imitates Art


statue_0211Probably art imitating life here.

And here…although to promote a milestone and a good cause.

The caption bottom right reads “Fighting Extinction”


 This is my first truly life imitating art photo.

The pose would change every minute or so.


Back in Bourke Street Mall (Melbourne) again

for more lives imitating art.


And interesting how these two on-lookers

struck similar poses to the art

while discussing how many were real peoplle.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Life-Imitates-Art

    • The only thing I am sure of with the final photo is that there was at least one real person. Extreme, back left…there is a hand waving to a small boy, and his dad, I cropped out. From memory I think there was more than one ‘statue’ which moved. However, there was not as much noticeable movement as in the previous photo. That ‘statue moved every thirty seconds or so. In fact I think I liked the solo artist more as he interacted with the crowd more…smiles, winks…that type of thing. And his pose changes were quite different each time.

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