Black and White Tuesday16-1901


Black and White Tuesday

 January 19, 2016


An unexpected phone call last week

sent us off in a Friday morning drive.
Taji_8215Maggie was wondering what was going on

before and after we arrived home.
Taji_8219Her worst nightmare had eventuated…a pup.
Taj-Maggie_8230Initial greetings were made…

and even though it was a fairly warm day,

Maggie was not supplying and liquid refreshments.

Taji_8254Hmmmmm..the backyard seems adequate.


Taji is my name and…

Maggie’s Great Grandfather and

my Great-Great-Grandmother were litter mates.

Taji is Japanese for silver or gold colour.

Taji is Swahili for crown.

There are many other definitions of Taji on Google…

but the main one over this past weekend was ‘Trouble”.



Hope you enjoyed.



7 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday16-1901

    • Day 1 was hectic…like bringing a new baby home. Next morning I watched escaped from (and then return to) her compound/enclosure. Number one son had been out to visit the previous night and disturbed my handiwork.


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