Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 10

Rule of Thirds  Introduction.

Time to catch up.

When it comes to rules…well they are a dim distant thought

when taking and composing a photo.

This series is out of the camera shots with little or no editing,

and all shots taken back in the winter or late autumn.

Using two-thirds of the frame…

stonewall_6917 (2)In my mind this hits the two-thirds mark.

However, my two-thirds are spread across

the upper bottom to the lower top third.

I did consider cropping our the foreground grass

which would give  a better 2-1 aspect ratio,

however, it would take away the fact that

this is a roadside fence.

sunset_7691I like this sunset and it does fit the two-thirds challenge,

leaving negative space in the foreground

to allow the sky and sun to create more impact

trees_6281Next two shots…same trees different composition.

The tree tops probably stray into the left third a tad, however…

trees_6283I like it more than this shot…

even though the top of the trees

do fill the top two-thirds.

As I said at he beginning, little or no editing…

which means tweaking sharpness and

straightening one horizon a tad, in these shots.

 Any and all comments welcome.


CCYC: Wk-10-Using Two Thirds of the Frame



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