Black and White Challenge:



building_0011This was one of my favourite buildings to photograph,

however the wreckers have razed the site last week

and these are now memories.

building_0900One of Geelong’s earliest brick buildings.

building_1470Also in Geelong  and old wool store,

now part of Deakin University, I believe.

building_6882Not uncommon are he stone and mortar building

early settlers created.

building_4416Contemporary settlers have other ideas

of what building should look like.

buildings_0203And a night can be spent at Werribee Zoo in these buildings.

I don’t think it would compare to seeing an elephant’s eye

in one’s torch-light, or a myriad of other animals

in and around our camp as in Botswana.

A special memory was the lion roaring

ten minutes after we had crawled into

our canvas tents for the night.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Buildings




11 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Buildings

  1. Great photos. I took photos of the Albert Hotel ( one of our oldest buildings) and then a couple of days later it was gone. Sad but it was falling down. So it was good to get a record of it.


    • Many people do not think something is worth photographing until it is gone. If anyone bothers to search through my photos after I am gonoe they will find a varied collection of people and places through the ages.


    • Ditto. Country people seem to hold onto their old building much longer than city folk do. The blue stone wall of my Grandfather’s shearing shed was still standing up until ten to twelve years ago…Dad stopped using, for shearing, it in the mid fifties The new owners did not have that connection. It would still be standing if I had owned it as it was part of a much larger station until the 1920s.

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