Black and White Tuesday15-2912


Black and White Tuesday


On Monday we spent most of the day preparing for…


and converting this…


World War I gun emplacement…

engagement_0665into a place fit for a proposal to happen.


With the help of two of our son’s friends

it was decorated with all the paraphernalia

Number 2 son suggested, and some MGW thought of.

engagement_0685This was the end result.

We just could not come up with the suggested rose petals

so some of our Agapanthus volunteered their services

for the occasion.

engagement_0730The view across to Point Nepean was the attraction.

This narrow strip of water is where all Melbourne (or Geelong)

bound shipping enters Port Phillip Bay.

 Hopefully they will enjoy these before and after shots in years to come.

 It will certainly bring back memories for MGW and me



Hope you enjoyed.


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