Weekly Photo Challenge-Now



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My topic may not be exciting but it is certainly welcome.

We were due for a change – rain – over night…mid-night

according to the Weather Bureau.

I opened a door at 0400 and all I could smell

was smoke from fires in the general area.

Lorne (2-3 hours drive away) is a popular

coastal holiday destination this time of year and

is surrounded by fires at the moment.

An evacuation order has been implemented.

Since 4 AM we have had a welcome 10 mm of rain

which will have raised our tanks by 6.000 litres.backyard_8192

The green turf is facing its second summer and appears

decidedly healthier this morning after a natural watering.

 maggie_8193Maggie and Sox are happily making use of the bed.

Yesterday in 35 degree temps they were seeking

the coolest spot in the yard.

sky_8191A shirt and shorts are barely warm enough this morning

and that sky holds promise of some more rain….hopefully.



11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Now

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  2. Good luck with the rain. We have had a few fires in the South Island too. Sooo hot down there. We are humid, but have had the occasional rain to keep the farmers happy. Still the hills around us are very, very dry.


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