Floral Friday-15-2512


Floral Friday Challenge.


While in Sydney, some of us decided to visit Kings Cross
kings-cross_0439For readers unfamiliar with King’s Cross…

not that I am…

Google ; have you ever been to see kings cross

and you will hopefully find a novelty song from 1962.

I remember the chorus quite well,

so was keen to see King’s Cross

kings-cross_0440An unexpected find was this vertical garden…or hedge, only a few hundred metres from the railway station.
kings-cross_0441It not only contained flowers but some herbs as well.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




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My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My topic may not be exciting but it is certainly welcome.

We were due for a change – rain – over night…mid-night

according to the Weather Bureau.

I opened a door at 0400 and all I could smell

was smoke from fires in the general area.

Lorne (2-3 hours drive away) is a popular

coastal holiday destination this time of year and

is surrounded by fires at the moment.

An evacuation order has been implemented.

Since 4 AM we have had a welcome 10 mm of rain

which will have raised our tanks by 6.000 litres.backyard_8192

The green turf is facing its second summer and appears

decidedly healthier this morning after a natural watering.

 maggie_8193Maggie and Sox are happily making use of the bed.

Yesterday in 35 degree temps they were seeking

the coolest spot in the yard.

sky_8191A shirt and shorts are barely warm enough this morning

and that sky holds promise of some more rain….hopefully.