Wordless Wednesday_2312-Sales

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Wednesday December 23, 1800

Australian Eastern Standard Summer Time.

We had a few last minute chores to take care of this morning.

Breakfast in Geelong…to make sure we didn’t

have to fight for a car park.

Seems all of Geelong’s population had the same idea!!

Sales_IMAG0410By 0900, with breakfast well and truly behind us,

I found myself wandering past this shop.

Time was: 0907 and 55 seconds on December 23, 2015.

And there has been discussion in the media

about Hot Cross Buns being sold already.

Do retailers everywhere do this type of thing?

Or is it something confined to Australian retailers?

I suspect the former.


Wordless Wednesday

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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday_2312-Sales

  1. Yesterday I received some brochures advertising Boxing Day sales. They have started showing ads on TV too. Let us please enjoy the holiday season. Anyway all the best to you and MGW and sons for Christmas


    • Madness it is. Time for bed then a gathering of the clan on tomorrow night (Christmas Eve) as our youngest is spending his first Christmas away from home. Girlfriends!!! No! She is lovely…and we couldn’t be happier for him/them.

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