Travel Theme-Naughty-AND-Nice



Naughty AND Nice

Travel Theme.


After a night our celebrating a fiftieth birthday (not mine) I was

still struggling for a Naughty or Nice  theme.

Then I thought Naughty AND Nice.

So  as the perspiration began to for just about everywhere

at 0730, I gathered a spoon.

First important ingredient for Naughty AND Nice.


Second essential for Naughty AND Nice…one glass.


The VIP essential…a tub of ice-cream.


And while not as important as the first essentials…some flavouring, especially for vanilla ice-cream.

My favourite is caramel, strawberry and chocolate (if I have to).


I skipped a step or two here.

The end result after

ice-cream to glass and add flavouring steps…


should look something like this.

Thought I would add another photo

just because it’s Naughty AND Nice.


To complete this Naughty AND Nice challenge one needs

to empty the glass using the spoon.

How you go about that is up to you.

I was to busy emptying mine to document the step!

And all before 0800!

Now for breakfast.

With temperatures heading to the mid thirties

it’s a good day for a pre-breakfast

Naughty AND Nice.

I do feel better.

Ailsa…hope you don’t mind my tweaking the theme title a little.


Where’s My Backpack?: Naughty-AND-Nice




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