Weekly Photo Challenge-Gathering



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I intended to use some family gatherings for this post and then remembered one very hot day in Kruger National Park in 2013  wildebeest_0202After hearing apologies from our guide about the distance

we would be travelling and the heat…

wildebeest_0343early in our day, this heard of Wildebeest was

our first gathering for the day.
wildebeest_0343aThis was our first large sighting of any one species…

wildebeest_0357but not the last.
impala_0329aThis random shot, not taken on that hot day,

but suits the challenge.
ostrich_0495Half an hour past the wildebeest gathering we sighted

this family already trying to find respite from the heat.

lion_0880Nearing the end of our day we found another gathering

of four-wheel drives.
lion_0880aAll occupants were intently focused on a gathering

on and to the to each side of this road.

While our guide was still a tad apologetic regarding

time spent on the road and the heat – our other vehicle

is the green one second from the front – we thought it

a magnificent day because of  all our animal sightings.

I have only shown the gathering type sightings in this post.

As I said last week:

This is why I love Africa.

Zoos don’t let you get so close as this…

PS:  I think my ‘past’ is correct…but not sure. 🙂 


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Gathering

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    • It wa s a magnificent experience. Sadly we did not see any lions on our second trip but did hear one that made the MGM lion sound like a kitten. No-one was game to stick their head out of the tent to see just how close it was though. 🙂

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