Weekly Photo Challenge-Oops



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My most annoying “Oops” moments this year are

due to exposure of my photos.

Sydney_0047I usually set my aperture/shutter manually and for this shot,

to expose the foreground, my camera settings were:

1/100; f/6.3; ISO 400


However, less than a minute later after

walking around the corner into sunshine,

the same settings resulted in this catastrophe.

 1/100 f/6.3 ISO 400


Altering the f stop to f/20 made the shot look a lot better.

1/100 f/20 ISO 400

These three shot were taken at

The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre

at or near The Rocks in Sydney.


My other “Oops” moment is also exposure related

but caused more by swapping cameras.

 1/50 f/5 ISO 100


 1/160 f/13 ISO 100

I like to under expose my shots a little and tend to focus on the dotted exposure line in the view finder.Nikon-D90


Nikon D90 shots are under exposed when the indicators bars

are on the right of centre on the dotted line,

both in the back panel and the viewfinder.

The first garden shot was not too bad in comparison

to some on really bright days.


 Recently I have picked up my D7100,

because it had the ‘right lens’ on it,

and made sure all my exposure indicators

were on the right side of zero,

with disastrous results.






Black and White Challenge:

Letters B and W.


After a day in Sydney B and W were reasonably easySydneycsc_0249

 A walk across the Bridge…

Sydney_0373and a ferry ride on the Water covers both.

barb-wire_0110However, I thought this random shot of Barb Wire

along side the Bridge wraps it up nicely.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-B-and-W