Wordless Wednesday_0912-Sydney

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Wednesday December 09.

My alarm was set for 0400.

Sydney_0065By 0900, and after more than an hour in the air,

a quick train ride from Sydney Airport and

breakfast at Circular Quay

(a series of rectangular mooring areas for ferries),

I commenced walking over

Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sydney_0188Not an arduous or long walk

(particularly for those who may be around

ten to thirty years younger than my body and joints)….

however on this humid day, I was happy to reach

shade spots along the way and

finally complete the journey.
Sydneycsc_0249A ferry ride to Manly for lunch…
Sydney_0406and another good view of the Opera House on the way back.


Wordless Wednesday

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday_0912-Sydney

    • Thank you. While is great to be home again after a long day…it does pain me, as a Victorian and protagonist for Melbourne, to compliment Sydney and it beautiful Harbour, not to mention the train from the airport. We (Victoria) are still “talking” about a train line. Was a great day for photography…hard on ageing feet :-). I think we just got out before the storms last night…flew around them according to our pilot.


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