Black and White Tuesday15-0712


Black and White Tuesday

 December 07, 2015


 A few days ago I saw some eagles, or course no camera.jet_0004Upon turning around I saw this jet-stream, however,

by the time I arrived home it was well on its way to Melbourne.

So focused, was I on the jet, that I did not notice two rather large birds soaring in to photo bomb my shot…

AND I was wondering where they had gone to

when I again drove down the road. 😦

leaves_0023Something undeniable, one of our deciduous trees

beginning to turn colour…in December!!!!

yellow-rump-thornbill_0019aAlthough not my best shots,

they were taken through the kitchen window,

I thought these shots of…

yellow-rump-thornbill_0023Yellow Rump Thornbills

searching for breakfast this morning were

worth while adding to this post.



Hope you enjoyed.



2 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday15-0712

  1. Great photos – love the jetstream. And great capture with your birds. I have seen similar scenes here but reach for my camera and they fly off. Some things are too private to share with the world I suppose


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