Weekly Photo Challenge-Eye-Spy



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Eye Spy


I began searching for a photo which I did not find.  Instead I spied…

hawk_N2133this African Hawk, (hopefully someone know’s its name)…
horn-bill_N2141A Hornbill…all of which have an evil stare,

but are fun to have around.
leopard_N2154Thses eyes are looking for something…
leopard_N2149just not sure what.

elephant_N2144Taken from near our tent, this gentle giant decided he was going the long way around to the water hole this day.


This is why I love Africa.

Zoos don’t let you get so close as this…


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Eye-Spy

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    • If you like getting ‘up close and fairly personal’ with the animals it is just wonderful. I have met people that are not that way inclined, which I cannot understand, and would not set foot on the continent. We were destined to go to Mozambique next year, however, all our travelling companions, who suggested the idea, pulled out. We hope to return in a few years.


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