Black and White Tuesday15-0112


Black and White Tuesday

 December 01, 2015



southern-cross-stn_0098The first two were taken at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne.  This one with it diagonal staircase…

southern-cross-stn_0094and this for the curves of the roof.

Only noticed the diagonals when I arrived home

and forgot to include it this morning.

welcome_0083I wonder how many in Melbourne

see this sight…or live by it.



Hope you enjoyed.


4 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday15-0112

  1. This has nothing to do with Black and White, but is a pat on the back for Victorian Transport. I took the train from Wangaratta to Broadmeadow on Monday. A nice employee showed me how to get to the front of the station where I had planned to take a taxi to the International terminal of the airport. The nice fellow told me my VicRail ticket covered a bus to the airport. Then, when I got there, another nice VicRail fellow was there to meet passengers and tell them where they needed to go. He went a bit further for me, pulling my suitcase and walking me to the correct terminal. That’s pretty darn good service, I’d say.


    • It was very nice of VicRail employees and it is one of the benefits of taking the train to Melbourne…our ticket covers all other public transport while in Melbourne. Glad you had a positive experience on our rail system.

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