Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 8

Diagonal Lines.

I thought this week would be a struggle…thanks goodness

for my Melbourne excursion.

diagonal_0067aThe original with diagonal…but too much distraction.

diagonal_0067With the aid of Picasa’s cropping tool, the diagonal lines are now stronger.  Maybe removing the wall images in Photoshop would have helped also.

diagonal_0013This was my very first ‘diagonal lines’ shot.

Too many conflicting lines, I think.

diagonal_0013aStill a mixture…but the diagonals are stronger.

diagonal_0027I spied this bench in the Bourke Street Shopping Mall

and decided to take a few of these shots.

I’m sure the lady sitting just out of shot on the left thought I was mad.

diagonal_0029aTurning the camera provided lines only…

diagonal_0029but with a cropping tool,

using the straighten function (in reverse)

and applying a heat map…all in Picasa…resulted in this.

These are default colours and can be modified.

It is interesting the number of people who will look at a shot

like this and comment… “I don’t like the colours…

An artist cannot change the colours of an abstract painting,

whereas a couple of  clicks of the mouse and

 photographers can totally change the look of their shot.

diagonal_0048The floor of the Royal Arcade, off Bourke Street,

was the setting for this shot.

I think my initial choice was to try to capture that the tiles

had been laid on the diagonal.

Shoppers (and tourists) walk from foreground to background.

Now all I see are diagonal lines and alternating colours.


Cce’s Compose Yourself Challenge:




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