Weekly Photo Challenge-Transition



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Before Ginger died, she was Maggie’s boss

and Soxie was backyard boss.

pets_0001Since Ginger’s death there has been…

and increasing battle for dominance of

this bed…Maggie’s bed.


Yesterday, with Sox ensconced on the bed…

 I suggested that Maggie should claim

her rightful position…

which she surprisingly did.

 More surprisingly she sat down on Sox.


It did not take Sox long to realise that…

That Maggie was heavy and try as he might…

it took a minute or two before Maggie moved…

pets_0010enough to wriggle his backside free and escape.

pets_0011Was I watching a transition of backyard manager here?

Probably not…Soxie came back to bed and nose to tailed Maggie.

Maggie was taking deep breaths where

I would not dare to take shallow breaths! 🙂






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