Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 7

Vertical Lines.

I have chosen a photo which I was playing around with

a few months ago for this week’s Vertical Lines challenge.

The lines could be stronger, however…here goes.

kardinia-park_0074These pieces of art grace the entry to the Geelong Football Club.

However, to my eye, there was too much empty space

top and bottom of this photo and the light tower,

while a vertical line,

was annoying as it was not my point of focus.

kardinia-park_0074bCropping helped a little by disposing of the top and bottom wasteland.

However, the car and light tower were still distracting.

kardinia-park_0074cA tighter crop, dispensing with the car and light tower in Photoshop,

improved the image.

I was feeling fairly pleased with myself at this stage…

and then that damn rubbish bin caught my eye.

kardinia-park_0074dRubbish bin removed and the picture looked much better.

At least in my opinion.

With the light tower removed the two statues/art works

on the right are more defined.

Removing the rubbish bin has also created a defined tree trunk

which just happens to also be vertical.

I have just spotted another rubbish bin.

Fortunately it is not as distracting as the first one was.

Below is  the original again.



Cce’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge:Wk-7-Vertical-Lines