Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Orange-Green


My contribution for this week’s




A few re-posts will help bulk out my orange part

of this week’s challenge.
DSC_1491ORANGE4One of my earliest photos.


Shopping with No 1. Son a few years ago.

His phone helped me capture these items

which were not purchased.
Lastly, one of our own oranges.

green_0140Possibly, Mock Orange leaves

green_0123Although a severely cropped portion of the original,

I think this still makes quite a nice shot.

And it is a memory from the

Khama Rhino Sanctuary, in Botswana.

red-rump-parrot_0204Now for a 50 Shades of Green bird…
red-rump-parrot_0204athe Red Rump Parrot.

As I had only been able to take front on shots

until a month of two ago,

I often wondered why it was called

Red Rump.red-rump-parrot_0036

Then one turned around…

10 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Orange-Green

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    • Thank you Cee. I had not thought of taking a photo of a bird prior to going to Africa in 2013. Now they are a challenge to get a good photo of and for every good photo I see ways to make it better.


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