Black and White Tuesday15-1711


Black and White Tuesday

 November 17, 2015


 I decided to use HDR presets on today’s selection which…

Lara_0034were taken at Grand Lakes, Lara,
Lara_0034HDRabout twenty minutes on the Melbourne side of Geelong.

Lara_0036To the best of my knowledge this wetland is artificial…

Lara_0036HDRwith only a few metres of roadway separating it

from the housing estate which surrounds it.
Lara_0038It does, however, have a walking/riding track around and…

Lara_0038HDRacross the water and between the islands,

making it an ideal place for an evening stroll.

I’m not so sure about the HDR effect though.

I often hear people talking about using HDR however,

I am yet to find a really pleasing HDR result.



Hope you enjoyed.