Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 6

Horizontal Lines.

This week’s my shots have been straightened using

Picasa (a free download from Google) and also Photoshop.

The biggest problem I discovered was that I would

straighten one line and another would look crooked…

not horizontal or vertical.

williamstown_7725Melbourne skyline.

I believe the horizon is level, however the masts are all

over the place and their reflections exacerbate the issue.

williamstown_7717This shot is frustrating.

What do I make level or vertical.

Initially, I made the left mast vertical,

however, after reading Cee’s post this morning and

having a look at this photo again…williamstown_7717aI decided to straighten the horizon (wharf /pier) and

now think it easier to accept masts that

are ‘off kilter’ rather than a wharf

which appear to run downhill.

williamstown_7718-1for the first two which are both originals,

vertical_7517Among my horizons is one solitary ‘vertical’ line photo.

torquay_0007I have heard many people talk about the ocean being level…

I went to great lengths to level my horizon,

but I am sure there is a hollow in the middle of the photo.

horizon_0005I made certain the horizon is straight in this shot.

However, I think the foreground is distracting.

The fence and vines are being grown on a hillside

and my eyes are drawn down to the left of the photo

which is unnatural.

moorabool-sunset_6696bbNearing sundown over the Moorabool Valley earlier in this year.

I find Picasa easy to use for a ‘quick  fix‘…

a bit of shadow, cropping, straightening,

and adding a bit of shadow.

For more precise editing, I now use Photoshop.

My first editing program was IrfanView (freebie)…

a basic program which I also still use.

However, as far as I know straightening horizons

is not possible in IrfvanView.


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