Travel Theme-Faces




Travel Theme.


A variety of faces…
Maggie_0002The guilty face.


gingerGinger begging for a Big Mac burger.

She had to settle for a Junior Burger without onions.

statue_0029Moorabool Valley lookout carving

Breakfast with the Beasts at Cairns

lion_5579Two or three inches of glass at Melbourne Zoo

does not really make for a good photo.

Clock_1865Forever 0205…or maybe 1405


mask_0001It this was a fertility mask, it did not work….thank goodness.

DC Photography

This cheetah was just waiting for a pat

and to have her ears scratched


Where’s My Backpack?: Faces




16 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Faces

    • Yes…me too. Just did not think she would leave us as quickly as she did. We had her as being the fittest of our pets and she was gone within three weeks. I will never be able to obtain another dog like her and after 27 years of her father (Brandy) and Ginger…it was a sad day a few weeks ago – October 22 to be precise.

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      • It retainly does. I have only had three memorable dogs in my life…and Brandy and Ginger adopted me when hey were pups and would onl work for me. That can be a blessing and a curse. So it is a loss after 27 consecutive years with only two faithful friends. There is a hole to be filled and I’m not sure if I can…or want to…

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      • I totally understand that- we have been without dogs for the last 3 years- as much as I miss them, it was so emotionally wrenching I am not ready to make the commitment again


      • Yes…I know the feeling…which is odd, because while on the farm there was always that special dog but it was also surrounded by some up and comers or some that were not earning the feed. So lose one, and I would have chat with the next line to see if it could step up to fill the number one spot. 🙂

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    • She behaved so much like a big house cat and yet she was basically living in the wild. A wonderful experience. we were lucky as two weeks later another group came through and no sign of the her.


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