Black and White Challenge:

Small Subjects.


I’m catching up with some missed posts for the BW Challenge.

bee-grevillia_0569This Grevillea is a relatively small as trees and shrubs go

and its flowers even smaller.

bee_0569However my subject is even smaller…

second flower from left, nearly mid photo.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Small Subjects





Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 4


I have chosen a variety of shots this week

commencing with some wildlife shots.

With all shots I have posted the cropped versions first…except

for the first two which are both originals,

one being cropped when taken.

lionness_0968The first two photos are not the same shot,

but the are of the same scene and

only about three or four frames apart.

I think the top photo is the pick.

Although an original shot the top image was cropped

when shot to remove the grasses shown in the second image.

DC Photography

Stripping away extraneous matter from this shot

actually loses some of the impact, I think.

DC Photography

I thought it more exciting when we could see

how close to our vehicles she was.

It’s not often one has the opportunity to

photograph wild lions at this range.
Limpy_0630We nearly ran over Limpy during our drive.

She was just ‘around the corner’ in long grass close to the road.
Limpy_0630aEverybody jumped when she hoped up to get out of our way.

However, as she turned her head and appeared

to look straight down the camera lens,

there were goose bumps on my arms.

No need for a telephoto lens she was only

about fifteen to  twenty feet from us.

elephant_0232I did have a colleague ask what this was.

elephant_0232aI thought it self-explanatory however, this view does give it away.

cockatoo_0516aThis Sulphur Crest Cockatoo is almost simplified

via depth of field, however, there are a few distractions

particularly around its head and beak.

cockatoo_0516Even the original has distractions in the foreground.

DC Photography

Initially I thought our black Agapanthus would

look okay with this crop.

DC Photography

Then I tried this and think it is better.

DC Photography

 Both are a vast improvement on the original.

I  often hear people talk about darkening

part or all of the background.

I assume it is a fairly quick process,

I just have not mastered it as yet.

At the moment that would take me longer

than it is worth to darken.pelican_0502

 An after thought, cropped, and….pelican_0502aout of the camera.

Cce’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge:Week-4-Simplicity


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