Travel Theme-Frame




Travel Theme.


My camera club had given us a topic on

which we were to present a portfolio of photos.

My topic was Framed.
lorikeet_0068I thought this lorikeet was nicely framed by the tree.

corio-yacht_3079Can anyone else see a (rough) frame around the boat?
cunningham-pier_4563Every now and again we have a visitor to

Geelong’s Cunningham Pier.

corio-bay_0012abCorio Bay’s fleet of pleasure craft always creates a nice scene.

Ashby_1553Frames galore here and…

church_8011aalso here after the fire.

moonset_0007Finally I captured this setting moon a few months ago.

I’m not sure which makes the best frame,

the inky black or the leaves on our neighbour’s trees.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Frame



11 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Frame

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    • Thank you Raewyn. I like the moon shot too…not often we get all things lined up like that. Now for so,ease/happy news…I have just heard that the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup. Congratulations to NZ are, therefore, called for. First team/country to win three Cups. Well done ABs and NZ. 😊


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