Weekly Photo Challenge-Treat


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



After several weeks of forecasting rain

it actually came last night and early this morning

DC Photography

At breakfast time the sky was dark …

sky_8103and the rumble of thunder could be heard…not so far away.

Which meant that peeking out to see if Maggie

was waiting for her breakfast was a formality.

maggie-sox_8106When she was let off her chain, she would not eat

her breakfast or even the treat I have given,

each morning, her since we moved.

Soxie had some of it but now returns to keep Maggie company.


With lightning flashing vividly “in our back yard”,

Maggie was happy to be treated

to one of Soxie’s head butts.

It was one less eye and ear to see and hear to storm..

maggie_8113However, the eye that could see what was going on was…

maggie_8114totally terrified and moving this way and that at a rapid pace.

Now at 0945 Maggie is still claiming ownership

to her bed and has not eaten breakfast,

even though the thunder is retreating.

It was a treat to listen to the rain.

We had 8 points in mid September and

tipped out 32 points this morning.

The first measurement for October, on average,

our wettest month.


Sorry, no links today…we are back to (slow) dial-up speed until midnight.
Don’t know how we ever used that speed and thought it good.
Software updates etc pushed us over our limit.
Will need to think about changing that..me thinks!


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Treat

    • Our BBand is unlimited also…except that we are throttled after the first 25 gig (peak time). Usually that is plenty for us. but every now and again for reasons unknown we go over the limit or jusst reach it. I think updating some Apple software on iPads and downloading software after my PC crashed contributed to the problem. Thankfully it is November 1 😀


    • Hi Yvonne, sorry for the delay in replying. Has been real hit and miss with the internet this past week…over our limit and throttled back…may need to change that! Agreed. The rain was a blessing particularly after being forecast for several week. We tipped out another ten points this morning.

      Re: Maggie. Must confess I have never seen her look as scared as she did yesterday morning. She could not hide from the lightning and could heard the thunder loud and clear. She was out and about by lunch time though.


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