Weekly Photo Challenge-Careful


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Wedge Tail Eagle.

Last Wednesday I sighted not one,

but two wedge tail eagles….


air brakes on…

and did not have my camera!!!!!


watch the lights

A two or three minute drive from home seemed like half an hour…not to mentioned the trip back.


made it

The birds were obliging and kept low and one carefully

manoeuvred to land on the top of these railway signals.


the fly by

These are not the greatest photos as no matter

how careful I was to stop camera shake etc.,

a 500 mm hand-held lens,

 resting on my car door was not ideal.

However, it was my first sighting of eagles in flight

and that was enough.

It has only taken all winter and half spring to find them!



25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Careful

    • It was Janet. Two of them being hassled by a crow…of all things. Like all photography, it would have been nicer still if I had been 100 yards closer. However, as with African animals they did not seem to perceive the car as a threrat.


  1. Fantastic shots considering you had to go and get your camera. Plus doing the shots without a tripod…I think you did amazingly. I’ve never seen a wedge tail before.


  2. Love the fly-by. I did the same thing last week when I spotted a roseate spoonbill and didn’t have my camera. It DID seem like forever when I went back to get it. happily he was still there.


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