Weekly Photo Challenge-Happy-Place



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Happy Place


Usually I am reasonably happy wherever I am.

me_7872For instance an hour or so ago I was very happy mowing the backyard…

this machine saves a lot of walking and pushing.

garrden_7891Then I caught a glimpse of the orchard (fore-ground) and poo pit

house_7918and realised how happy I was when in the throne room.

garrden_7913Every time I spend a penny,

water used is processed in our water treatment plant…

garrden_7912and then at regular intervals, automatically sprayed on

to this garden bed, via sprinklers…right foreground.

As all our treated waste water ends up here,

we soon christened it

The Poo Pit.

garrden_7901 However, our orchard is watered by town, or fresh, water.

garrden_7892So there are some of my happy places.



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