Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 2

What All Well-Composed Photos have in Common

As many will have guessed by now,

nature and wildlife are my main subjects,

mostly because I do not need to gain permission

of the either to post its photo here.
Torquay_7147With the above comments in  mind,

many of my shots are taken using

a short focal length on my zoom lens,

which generally results in a happy snap as above.
Torquay_7147aHowever, by cropping the extraneous I think there is

more interest in this shot than the first.

Foreground and background waves breaking in the

early morning sun on August 3rd.

I was trying to capture the spray that morning and

while this does show some spray…it was not my best for the morning.

The problem is that enlarging the above cropped photo

does not produce a good result. Limpy_0624 Many will have seen Limpy (now deceased) before.

When she turned her head and looked at the camera…

it gave me goose bumps.

At ten or twelve feet from the car it was a once in a lifetime shot.

Again I have cropped the left of the shot,

although not a lot as we nearly ran over her,

she was so close to the track we were driving along.

Finally, I have read articles stating that there should

be no rules when composing a photo.

Not sure how many would agree with that.

I tend to make sure I have my subject in the shot

and crop out anything I don’t want.



6 thoughts on “CCYC-What-All-Well-Composed-Photos-have-in-Common

  1. Amazing photos….Love Limpy’s pic….and I miss the ocean so much…both pics are wonderful….the first one I can smell the ocean…the second I can hear the waves 🙂


  2. These are wonderful photos Woolly. I really like your narrative to. I totally agree that their are no “rules” for composition. Although once you know the basic compositional rules, then you know what to look for and how to set it up. And yes then break them to your hearts desire because you are the one telling the story not the rules. That the soul and artist coming out.


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