Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 1

How your camera is not like your eye.


I have chosen a shot of a

New Holland Honey Eater

which has been visiting our years of recent weeks.  Even my first version (lens set at 300 mm) of this shot does not take in all that the eye can see.  And I would be really concerned if our neighbour’s trees were as blurry to the naked eye.  However, the camera has isolated the bird from its back ground.


Many of my photos are taken like the first image and then

cropped to further isolate the subject and create impact.

The look in its eyes, I am sure, is telling me where to go.


This is about as far as I could comfortably crop the photo.

Even here it needs to be viewed at a distance.

However, we could not get this view of our wildlife (large or small)

without zooming in on, editing or cropping our shots.

Enlarged and behind glass and no-one would see

the imperfections that we, as photographers, see.

Now,  Cee has asked us to take photos at our ‘comfortable focal length‘.

Unfortunately I don’t know what mine is!!

I tend to take photos choosing a focal length that, I think,

will make a good photo, then if necessary

I will crop it further…

in fact my cropping tool is often my first editing step,

followed by sharpening.


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