Help Please!

I was very tempted to place this in the Odd Ball post this week but decided to keep it a special post instead.

Last week MGW decided that we are going to visit Europe in 2016.  A travel agent has recommended a hotel in London which has a tariff of around $AUD600 per night…which is waaaayyyy to rich for our pockets.  We are planning 3 nights in London prior to crossing the Channel…three times 600 equals an economy return airfare from Australia to just about anywhere in the world.

If anyone can recommend a good inexpensive hotel/accommodation in London it would be very much appreciated.  Or even pass on a comment regarding an area.

We have spent the weekend searching for accommodation and were wondering what the Waterloo area was like.

During my 1976 visit I stayed at the Walkabout Club, somewhere near Hyde Park.

I was single, didn’t mind bunking in with like-minded single Aussies and have a few amusing memories from my nights there and at a nearby B&B.

I just don’t understand why MGW does not see the value in that style  of accommodation 😉

An email to will find me or simply add a comment here.  I have not read a post of this ilk on any other blogs so hope this is not an inappropriate use of Social Media.

Thank you in anticipation of at least some replies.

17 thoughts on “Help Please!

  1. I hope you get some good recommendations. $600/night is crazy, just for a place to stow your suitcases, shower and sleep. Do you ever look at the travel forums, such as TripAdvisor? I’ll get the link for the London one for you. They often have excellent advice.


  2. Is a walkabout like what we call a hostel in the states? We have only stayed at a hostel, one time in Seattle. A little awkward with other couples but each bed had a little curtain, but found out later that they did provide private rooms too. I did like the atmosphere of being around young travelers..but would only go with a private room next time..


    • The Walkabout was the name of the hostel/hotel. Our native Australians refer to going “walkabout” and I guess the name came from there as a way of identifying Australian accommodation in London. Afraid MGW, or I, would not be into hostel digs, in fact hostel accommodation is not much cheaper than a cheap hotel. It’s nice to have some privacy as you said.

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      • We don’t get the opportunity to travel often but I tend to gravitate towards a b&b if it is reasonable. I am not into pricey.. A humble cabin will do and then a tent is ok with me once and a while……I like tripadvisor. You can read up on reviews and will give you a good idea of what a place is like…


      • We have only just commenced doing a bit of travel since kids moved out. And I did some while single. Had not thought of the B&B either, although loved them in England and Ireland in the 70s. As for pricey…wouldn’t it be great to not worry about the price of accommodation either end of a holiday? But I/we cannot justify high priced accommodation to stow our suitcases and spend a few hours sleeping each day. Thank you for the trip advisor thought. When I read Yvonne’s comment about Trip Advisor I nealy puled out what’s left of my hair. Spent all weekend searching the internet and totally forgot about Trip Advisor to which I contribute.


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