Weekly Photo Challenge-Treat


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



After several weeks of forecasting rain

it actually came last night and early this morning

DC Photography

At breakfast time the sky was dark …

sky_8103and the rumble of thunder could be heard…not so far away.

Which meant that peeking out to see if Maggie

was waiting for her breakfast was a formality.

maggie-sox_8106When she was let off her chain, she would not eat

her breakfast or even the treat I have given,

each morning, her since we moved.

Soxie had some of it but now returns to keep Maggie company.


With lightning flashing vividly “in our back yard”,

Maggie was happy to be treated

to one of Soxie’s head butts.

It was one less eye and ear to see and hear to storm..

maggie_8113However, the eye that could see what was going on was…

maggie_8114totally terrified and moving this way and that at a rapid pace.

Now at 0945 Maggie is still claiming ownership

to her bed and has not eaten breakfast,

even though the thunder is retreating.

It was a treat to listen to the rain.

We had 8 points in mid September and

tipped out 32 points this morning.

The first measurement for October, on average,

our wettest month.


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Don’t know how we ever used that speed and thought it good.
Software updates etc pushed us over our limit.
Will need to think about changing that..me thinks!


Floral Friday-15-3010


Floral Friday Challenge.


I’m not a great fan of the dear old geranium.

geranium_0048Over the years I have seen many straggly,

woody plants sporting little colour.

Probably not the plant’s fault.

geranium_0049I found these two in the late morning sun

in Geelong this morning.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Wordless Wednesday_2810

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Tuesday morning I managed to find some lorikeets.lorikeet_0068

Breeding season has brought them down

from the tree tops…
to tend their young in this tree house!


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday

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Black and White Tuesday15-2710


Black and White Tuesday

 October 27, 2015


 The only decent shoots I captured at Torquay the other day…

torquay-beach_0019were of the beach…
torquay-beach_0013and surf.

torquay-beach_0007I had the shutter speed set to capture

some movement in the water
torquay-beach_0005but forgot to change it back when

the surfers became my focus.

torquay-beach_0023This is one of the few surfer photos and not very exciting…

torquay-beach_0024and a long way off.



Hope you enjoyed.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-43


Odd Ball

Week 43


 After seeing some surfers in action

last week at Bell’s Beach, Torquay,

I resolved to venture back one windy day.

I did prove I know nothing about surfing this morning.

trees_0009With a northerly(ish) wind whipping across our backyard I set off

and arrived at Torquay about 30 minutes later to find no surfers,

little white caps and to be told the wind was in the wrong direction.

Apparently it was an onshore breeze at Torquay.

The beach is to the left of this shot.

Not hard to guess where the prevailing wind comes from.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-43








Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Week 3

Always Take More Than One Photo.


I learned quickly to take more than one photo

while in Africa in 2013…

although I did not need much encouraging.

By the time I sighted this African Harrier Hawk I really

had a lead finger and have included the photo numbers

to give an idea of how many shots were taken.



Of the first four photos…



there is little difference…



and either one…



of them would look okay.

At least in my opinion.



However, by keeping the shutter clicking away…



I captured several other poses, followed by…



my favourites of the series.



Although the bird’s head is obscured by its wings,

it is a good lead…



 for the final shot included in this post.

I could have settled for one shot but would probably

have missed this shot, which I think is the best.

There is no cluttered background…and a bird in flight.


This afternoon I took a few shots for the Travel Theme.

and included two in CCYC also.

Pig-Face under our Lipstick Maple
pig-face_8065And a closer view of the plant.

This morning, before the sun warmed up

all the flowers were closed and all we saw

was a mass of green.



Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Wk-3



Travel Theme-Below




Travel Theme.


Below the leaves of…
pig-face_8066our LipStick Maple is a mass of pig-face

enjoying Sunday afternoon sun.
water-lillies_8074Below these Lilly Pads, in the murky depths of our fish pond,

lurks two seldom seen gold-fish.
grevillia_jelly-baby_8062Grevillia Jelly Baby was a plant I purchased yesterday

to mark Ginger’s grave.

For more read RIP Ginger.  

All life long pets are laid to rest in a pet cemetery.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Below



Weekly Photo Challenge-Careful


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Wedge Tail Eagle.

Last Wednesday I sighted not one,

but two wedge tail eagles….


air brakes on…

and did not have my camera!!!!!


watch the lights

A two or three minute drive from home seemed like half an hour…not to mentioned the trip back.


made it

The birds were obliging and kept low and one carefully

manoeuvred to land on the top of these railway signals.


the fly by

These are not the greatest photos as no matter

how careful I was to stop camera shake etc.,

a 500 mm hand-held lens,

 resting on my car door was not ideal.

However, it was my first sighting of eagles in flight

and that was enough.

It has only taken all winter and half spring to find them!



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Hats


My contribution for this week’s




What could I show for a Hats theme?
hat_0010Then the penny dropped.
hat_0007My garden hat which keeps…
hat_0006the sun’s rays away from my tender scalp.

hat_0004I used a flash (and vignette) on this one.

The hat is not that old…just falling apart.