Which Way Challenge-15-Wk-38


For my last

Which Way


some photos from

our visit to Williamstown last Thursday.

Williamstown_7793Williamstown is one of Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Williamstown_7784The area we visited was close to the Williamstown Marina…

skyline-melbourne_7726-Bfrom where Melbourne’s skyline is clearly visible.

Just for the record…clouds in this photo have not been added

nor removed from the top two.

I had to check the originals to make sure 🙂

However, the clouds/background

has been darkened to accentuate the skyline.

williamstown_7754I added this shot as it gives an idea of the cloud

building up over the city.  

To the right is Melbourne (previous photo)…

to the left is the area where top photos were taken.

And if you look carefully, waaaaayyyyy in the background,

just visible above the boats is the curve of

 West Gate Bridge.

This bridge was built to clear all traffic problems, etc.,

and collapsed in October 1970 during construction,

killing 35 workers.

October 15 will mark the 45th anniversary of that tragedy.


Which Way



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-15-Week-38





Travel Theme-Fruit




Travel Theme.


At the moment we are…
Blossom_1901encouraging our trees to look like this…

apples_0373which will in turn create these scenes.

Later extra ripening time will be needed for some…

apples_5534that is where a nearby windowsill or bowl is useful.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Fruit