Weekly Photo Challenge-Change



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Nature rules my offering again this week.

ibis_7659Back in the 60s and 70s we would often sight

six or eight swans flying inland (north)

during warm to hot weather.

We began to note that within a day or two

our warm weather would have turn cold and wet.

ibis_7660Conversely during a spell of cold, wet and windy weather

those same swans would be battling their way

south into a head strong south wind.

And the sun would begin to shine.

The swans, or our forecasts, became a bit of a joke among us.

We began to watch how fast they were flying

(I resisted the urge to say flapping their wings).

Flying at Sunday drive speed meant we had

two to three days before the weather changed.

If they were moving along like a hoon driver

bad weather was upon us by day’s end.

acacia_7661A more reliable sign of the change of seasons

is the Acacia (Wattle) trees commencing to bloom.

Most Acacias bloom in  July or August and have always

been noted as a sign that spring is just around the corner.

clouds_7650-bAlthough there has been some editing to

accentuate the pony tails in this photo,

this sky has always been a fore runner of a change of weather.

It was taken half an hour before the ibis shots at the top of this post.

The sighting of these ibis heading inland, and this sky,

may have been co-incidence,

however we did experience two of our coldest

September days in over twenty years a few days later.




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