Which Way Challenge-15-Wk-37


Geelong features again in this week’s challenge.

geelong-beach_0163Over looking Eastern Beach.

Visitors can drive up around the Botanical Gardens

and capture this view.

The Promenade creates a nice circular walk

around a swimming area for all…

but mainly younger people.

geelong-beach_0158This is the left middle ground of the first photo.

Nearly any day of the year visitors can be found

strolling along the path or relaxing on a bench

in the shade of one of the many palms.

train_0122Getting to Geelong from Melbourne is a comfortable

one hour journey courtesy of V/Line.

train_0149Going to Melbourne is much the same, although…

I did experience a 20 minute delay, within two minutes

 of our destination (Southern Cross) a week or so ago.

All shots taken last Thursday,

September 17, 2015.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-15-Week-37





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